The 90’s : a trailer for the first achievement of Jonah Hill

Check out the first images of the 90’s, the first transition behind the camera, actor Jonah Hill. Located in the Los Angeles of the 90’s, the film follows a teenager who joined a gang of skateboarders. The cinema on the 24th of April. For his first film director, actor Jonah Hill, seen most recently in the series Maniac, has decided to place her plot in the Los Angeles of the 90’s. 90’s is interested in Stevie, a young teenager lost that will find its place within a band of skaters older than him, for the summer. As you can see in the trailer, the film is intended to be primarily a story of initiation for a boy who flees a home toxic – an absent mother, a brother violent – to learn about the life, the real, in the street. It is, of course, in the scenery of the City of Angels, the sprawling boulevards and neighborhoods with multiple facets continues to inspire filmmakers, as Jonah Hill has decided to place his camera to capture, here and there, the wanderings of a certain american youth. The film, a sort of homecoming for the director, who has himself walked the streets of the city on his skateboard, is already preceded by a good reputation. Presented at the International Film Festival in Toronto last September and released on the screens of america in the wake of this, the 90’s has positive reviews praising all the qualities of producer, Jonah Hill as the accuracy of its subject matter. Worn by Sunny Suljic, revealed in death of the sacred deer, Lucas Hedges (Boy Erased) and Katherine Waterston (fantastic Animals), the film comes out in our cinemas on April 24.


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