Highlander : Christopher Lambert remembers his encounter with Freddie Mercury and the group Queen

This weekend at the convention monegasque MAGIC, Christopher Lambert to come back to us about his collaboration with Freddie Mercury at the filming of the movie “Highlander”, of which the Queen has signed the iconic soundtrack. D. R. Who Wants to Live Forever, A King of Magic, Princes of the Universe… More than just songs from Queen, these tubes have formed the original soundtrack to the film Highlander. Present at the convention of monaco MAGIC this weekend, its main performer Christophe Lambert is thus remembered of our micro his first encounter with the rock band and its iconic singer Freddie Mercury. “It went wrong, because I was five hours late to the appointment because of a delay of flight. I was upset, but in the end it was not serious, since the group has had fifteen hours late !” A concern for punctuality, which will have had fortunately no effect on the rest of the events, quite the contrary. “Originally, the Queen was not supposed to sign the opening song of the film, Princes of the Universe, explains Christophe Lambert. But they so liked the film that they decided to make all the B. O. They were all written and recorded in four weeks. And besides, you can hear Who Wants to Live Forever in Bohemian Rhapsody when Freddie Mercury learns that he has aids.”
Bohemian Rhapsody : our blind test reversed with Rami Malek, Best actor Oscar Because he has worked with the group closely, we were then asked to Christophe Lambert what he thought of the film Bohemian Rhapsody, dedicated to the life of Freddie Mercury. “I loved the film, the interpreters are amazing ! I would say that the film is faithful to 70 % of the story of Freddy, because we can’t show everything or tell everything. I have the memory of a man very extroverted, but above all very demanding !” Rewarded with four Oscars on February 24, including Best Actor for Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody is now available for sale in boxes, DVD / Blu-ray.

Christopher Lambert and Freddie Mercury together in the clip Princes of the Universe : Thanks : Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC), and Shibuya Productions.

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