The Post!, Guy, Wild… MyFrenchFilmFestival 2019 unveils the selection and jury

The 9th edition of the festival dedicated to French cinema, MyFrenchFilmFestival, starts this Friday, January 18, and allows internet users from around the world to discover many feature and short films for a month. Here is the selection. This year, MyFrenchFilmFestival will be held from 18 January to 18 February. Always organised by Unifrance, the event aimed to promote French cinema to film lovers around the world launches its 9th edition and offers a selection of French films released in 2018. Available on the website of the festival , the works in question can be viewed in many countries at a rate of 1,99€ for feature film, 7,99€ for the whole, and even of 0€ for the shorts. In addition, Africa, Latin America, South Korea, India, Poland, Romania and the Russian federation will have access to free of charge. Last year, more than 12 million views have been recorded. The films in competition will be given awards : the Prize of the Cinematographers décérné by a jury composed of Houda benyamina l (Divine), Coralie Fargeat (Revenge), Mikhaël Hers (Amanda), Kim Nguyen (Two Lovers and a Bear, Eye on Juliet) and Jaco Van Dormael (Mr. Nobody, The Whole New Testament) ; the Prix Lacoste Public elected by viewers who can vote for their favorite and the Prize of the International Press. The long and the short films are organized into 6 thematic sections to discover below : Family Business, Gaspard goes to the wedding, Antony Cordier, a French feature film in competition
Guy, Alex Lutz, a French feature film in competition
Blue dog, Fanny Liatard, and Jeremy Trouilh, French short-film in competition
A man my son, Florent Gouëlou, French short-film competition WTF… Rench ?! The Post !, Quentin Dupieux, a French feature film in competition
Neither Judge, nor Subject, Yves Hinant and Jean Libon, feature film belgian competition
Judith Hotel, Charlotte le Bon, The French short-film in competition
The Seventh continent, Noé Debré, French short-film in competition
Wild Love, Paul Austria, Quentin Camus, Leah Georges, Maryka Laudet, Zoe Sottiaux and Corentin Yvergniaux, French short-film competition in Women at war As boys, Julien, Hallard, French feature film in competition
Angel face, Vanessa Filho, French feature film in competition
Tomorrow and every other day, Noémie Lvovsky, a French feature film in competition
The Collection, Emmanuel Blanchard, a French short film in competition
Flowers, Baptiste Petit-Gats, the French short film in competition In your face black River, Erick Zonca, French feature film in competition
Wild, Camille Vidal Naquet, a French feature film in competition
At dawn, Julien Trauman, French short-film in competition
The Small Hands of Rémi Allier, French short-film in competition
Fawn, Jeremy Earl, short-length canadian film out of competition
Hybrids, Florian Brauch, Kim Tailhades, Matthieu Pujol, Yohan Thireau and Romain Thirion, short film out of competition (opening film) Love in the French” Diane has the shoulders, Fabien Gorgeart, French feature film in competition
The Fake Tattoos, Pascal Plante, canadian feature film out of competition
Bad blood, Leos Carax feature film fraçais of heritage outside the competition
Nobody will love him forever as we love it, Laure Bourdon Zarader, French short-film in competition
La Jetée Chris Marker, French short-film heritage out-of-competition New horizons The inner journey of Gauguin, Hayoun Kwon, animation, virtual reality, out-of-competition
Words hurt, Romain Chassaing, clip interactive out-of-competition
The Office of the Legends, Eric Rochant, series French out-of-competition

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